Bay and Bow Windows

Why not choose a beautiful bay window and be the envy of your neighbours. For a touch of character that enhances the space and light into your home, choose bay and bow windows for your next home improvement. Transform a flat window into an attractive bay that will create a wider and brighter area.

Bay and Bow Windows

Liniar bay windows come in a variety of styles including 3 facet, 5 facet or box bay. The unique design of a bay window allows slim sightlines to be created for an increase in natural light with thinner framework. Also a great option for increasing the view outwards.

Features & Benefits

  1. Contemporary Design

Conservative trim detailing maintains traditional character with an attractive, yet subtle, modern twist.

  1. Equal Glass Area

Additional ‘dummy sashes’ create equal sightlines, enhance the look and feel of your home.

  1. Bow – Bay Conversion

Transform a flat window into an aesthetically pleasing bow bay which creates additional space.

  1. Structural Bay Poles

Bay poles can be carried through the cill onto a hidden bearing plate, which takes the weight.

  1. Joint Couplings

Clever interior and exterior joint coupling prevent dust traps from forming for easy maintenance.

  1. Welded One Piece Cill

The external cill is welded together to create a single cill underneath all of the uPVC frames.

Environmentally Friendly

Using 100% lead free materials you can be certain that each of our uPVC windows are far better for the environment. Avoiding the common dangers of lead is what makes Liniar’s bay windows substantially minimise environmental impacts. The robust uPVC bay windows are 100% recyclable, making your new windows truly environmentally friendly.

Extremely energy efficient bay and bow windows from Lancelot lock in pockets of warm air using the size-optimised chambers within the uPVC profile to break up mini convection currents. A superb way of keeping your home warmer and reducing your fuel costs without having to actively do anything.

South West Bay and Bow Windows

Attractive Aesthetics

An unrivalled product compared to any other on the market to date, our bay windows provide contemporary design features that are suited to practically any home. Featuring a conservative detailed trim that maintains the traditional charm of a typical bay window, yet contains an attractive contemporary twist with state of the art developments.

A variety of colour options are available to match your new bay windows to your existing property. Choose from our classic colour range of White, Ivory or Rosewood or for a more bespoke design opt for Dark Red, Matt Anthracite or Cedarwood. We tailor make each window to suit your requirements.