Composite Doors

Composite doors provide a beautiful and stunning entrance to any property. Their elegant design boasts a timeless appearance that will never fade or rot over the decades. Available in practically any colour, you are guaranteed a new composite door from Lancelot will complement your existing property with sophistication. You can read more about our composite door range in our brochure below:

There are a variety of benefits that come with each composite door we install. The warmth of your home will increase thanks to the sturdy and strong nature of their build. This also makes them virtually impossible to break into, improving the security levels of your home.

Composite Doors

Features and Benefits

Timeless Design

Liniar’s exceptional range of composite doors offer traditional timber design with contemporary technological developments.

Express Yourself

Choose from a range of colours and finishes to find the perfect composite door for you.

Maximum Security

The high security locking systems in each of our composite doors offer the very greatest home protection.


Built from a variety of contemporary materials our composite doors are built to last and are durable.

Low Maintenance

Extremely low maintenance, each composite door is guaranteed against rotting or warping.

Weather resistant

Designed to block out the worst of the wind and rain as well as lock in the warmth by reducing the use of your central heating.

Composite Door Advantages

An excellent alternative to uPVC doors, a composite door features the traditional designs of a timber door but with all the benefits of a brand new, advanced door system. The high definition panels make a composite door almost identical to a real wooden door.

Composite Door Advantages

Composite front doors offer both durability and protection, and their combination of materials means that they are more efficient than singular material doors. The stunning Pilkington glass designs are in place to bring additional life to the door.

Energy Efficiency

Thermal Efficiency

Each composite door is highly energy efficient due to the thickness of the door and the components used to manufacture them. A great choice if you live on a busy main road, not only are they great for locking in heat but also superb for blocking out noise.

A composite door guarantees security together with maintenance free long lasting performance. Designed to keep the cold and the rain out, our composite doors provide superb heat insulation, many times greater than a wooden door.