Patio Doors

Patio Doors suit virtually any home from country cottage to high rise balcony. They are a great way of making the most of your available space as they don’t protrude into the room when open. Patio doors are a great way of creating a spacious and airy room.


These doors come in a range of styles, colours and finishes to blend naturally with any home. The smooth sliding action allows them to operate effortlessly. Low maintenance and highly durable, patio doors are an excellent choice.

Features and Benefits

Liniar 10 Year Guarantee

Liniar 10 Year GuaranteeOur patio doors are guaranteed against cracking, warping or discolouration for 10 years.

Yale Modlok

Yale ModlokThe modular locking system in our doors makes them the most secure uPVC patio door in the market.

Air-Glide System

Air-Glide SystemMulti-wheeled ‘air-glide’ running system keeps superb balance for smooth and silent operation.

Maximum Security

Maximum SecurityHigh tensile steel shootbolts create additional locking points at both top and bottom.

Child Friendly

Child FriendlyThe locking mechanism has a ‘finger-traps-free’ design to stop little fingers from getting caught.

Clever Thresholds

Clever ThresholdsWrap-over design prevents scuff marks. Low thresholds and ramps can also be incorporated.

Advanced Sliding

Patio Sliding

Liniar goes above and beyond in their product design, which is why a patio door installed by Lancelot will contain ergonomic style and impressive dynamic sliding. Each patio door has been fully tested to reach the greatest potential.

Ensuring perfect gliding takes place; Liniar’s multi-wheeled ‘air-glide’ creates a beautiful balance when the patio door slides open and shut. Their advanced technology has integrated brushes to sweep debris out of the way for flawless gliding.

Improved Lightness

Enhanced Lightness

Patio doors will provide you with a great view of your garden. You can replace an entire wall with patio doors to bright additional light into your home. The wall to ceiling glass panes will allow you to enjoy sunlight and the benefits of warmth in your home.

A patio door will also create an additional entry point for increased convenience. Patio doors will let in large amounts of natural light. If you have a dark room within your property then installing a set of patio doors will immediately brighten up the darkest of corners.